So what makes the SolTrekker RV "the most eco-friendly motorhome in the universe?" To our knowledge, this will be the first motorhome ever to run completely free of fossil fuels. It will never need to visit an RV campground to be plugged in to shore power or use a dump station and will almost never need to be filled with water. The interior will be fully solar powered, with electrical and heating systems fully covered by solar power. That's right, no petroleum, no diesel or propane generator. The stats are below, let us know if you find something that trumps it and we'll hand over the mantle (for now):

  • Engine: Right now, the diesel engine runs on biodiesel. Over the next few months, we will be adding a vegetable oil conversion currently being designed by

  • House electrical systems: fully solar powered
    Through the use of six 100-watt, roof mounted solar panels and four high quality golf cart batteries, the motorhome will generate enough electricity to power all house systems, especially when paired with energy efficient appliances.

  • Interior/Exterior lighting: LEDs
    With the same number of lights that put out the same amount of light as contemporary incandescents, the motorhome LEDs will use 97 percent less electricity.

  • Wall/Ceiling construction: high efficiency insulation
    The walls and ceilings have been reinsulated with Bonded Logic Ultra Touch recycled cotton/denim insulation. The original wood walls were placed directly on the aluminum studs, which directly transferred heat and cold inside. We padded the existing walls with one-inch insulation to create a thermal break.

  • Interior heating: fully solar powered
    Instead of using the old forced air, propane/diesel powered systems, the SolTrekker again uses solar power. Two roof mounted solar thermal collectors coupled with a super insulated heat exchanger provide hot water for several days at a time. The hot water is used in the sinks/showers as well as in the radiant floor heat system.

  • Solid waste treatment: dehydrating toilet
    The current SolTrekker motorhome employs a waterless toilet that separates liquid waste from solid waste, sending the liquid waste to a separate tank where it can be mixed with 8 parts of water and used to fertilize plants. The solid waste gets super heated and turned to a small amount of odorless, bacteria free compost.

  • Greywater supply/storage: Rainwater catchment system
    The SolTrekker prototype employs aerodynamic stainless steel gutters mounted near the roofline that capture rain run off and direct it to water storage tanks inside the motorhome. The water is cleared of sediment and filtered here where it could be treated to become a potable source or used in showers/sinks.

  • Interior materials: produced from non-toxic, sustainable sources
    The material list includes: recycled denim insulation, cork flooring, bamboo wallboard and bed frames, natural wool carpet, recycled glass tile, re-used cabinets, recycled composite countertops, natural hemp and organic cotton valances and upholstery, zero VOC paint and NO VINYL! That's not to say these are the only sustainable choices, and we're sure that there will be a bunch of future improvements in this realm.

  • Interior design: efficient use of space through convertible design
    The 'trekker uses bamboo framed ceiling beds (with comfortable pillowtop air mattress) to make the best use of space. During the day, the space is usable for working/sitting/walking and can quickly and easily be converted to sleeping space at night.

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