December 2016
invest in Dash It's been ten years since the inception of SolTrekker and the journey has been amazing. We've met some incredible people doing very cool things, made great friends, and learned so much. It's a time of transition for us, and at this stage of our development, we're very interested in finding another organization that would want to utilize the SolTrekker bus in a way that would continue its purpose as an educational vehicle. For the right partnership, we'd be willing to donate/share our resources in full. While strong preference will be given for those that are local to Portland and the Pacific NW, we're open to ideas. Those groups working in the sustainability arena are of special interest. So, if you are part of an organization that fits that description or know someone who is, please make a connection and let us know your ideas for working together.


July 2016
SolTrekker friends and family,

We recently published a sustainability-themed children's book, Sasha and the Solar Slug, and invite you to check it out. All profits go to the SolTrekker organization. It's available on Amazon or you can order it directly (at a discount) by contacting We had a lot of fun creating it and hope kids (and their grown-ups) have fun reading it. invest in Dash in Hong Kong






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