SolTrekker is a 501c3 non-profit which exists to provide empowering educational experiences designed to help individuals of all income levels realize greater self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability. We do this primarily by creating functioning examples of renewable energy, sustainable building practices and efficient design.

The SolTrekker organization's long-term vision is of a community that is self-sufficient and sustainable through the cooperative efforts of informed and empowered individuals.

Currently, our primary tool for education and advocacy is a motorhome converted into a mobile green-building showroom. We like the idea of taking a symbol from an old, unsustainable and inefficient system, and transforming it with new, renewable, sustainable solutions. To our knowledge, this is the "most eco-friendly motorhome in the universe!"

How can we claim that title? To start, the SolTrekker was rebuilt to run completely free of fossil fuels. That's right, no petroleum in the gas tank, no diesel generator, no propane stove, water heater or furnace. It also consumes much less energy and produces much less waste than traditional RVs. This was accomplished through our retrofit, using sustainable biodiesel, solar electricity and hot water, as well as many other features.

SolTrekker is committed to inspiring individuals and organizations to realize sustainable practices now, while supporting those who already have. SolTrekker defines sustainability with this equation: environmental awareness/respect + renewable energy + individual and community self-sufficiency = sustainability.

Sustainability Education
SolTrekker is committed to bringing sustainability education to under-served children, adolescents and young adults in low-income areas.

Through education and advocacy, SolTrekker works to increase individual and community self-sufficiency, which we believe is essential to sustainability.

SolTrekker emphasizes the importance of community in creating sustainability. We believe that communities become more sustainable as they are able to meet more and more of their own basic needs in an environmentally balanced way. We collaborate with other organizations that embrace sustainability. We envision the day when all communities are self-sufficient, sustainable and in harmony and balance with the natural world.

SolTrekker participates in the creation of vehicles, businesses and homes that are fully powered by cleaner and more renewable sources such as solar, wind and sustainable biofuels.

Renewable Energy
SolTrekker plays a creative role in the whole-hearted transition from a world mostly powered by fossil fuels to one fully powered by renewables.


A non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness of sustainability through green building practices, renewable energy and efficient design

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