Monaco Coach Corporation
Although Monaco is no longer around as an organization, the people are, and we owe them a great debt of gratitude for all their help. SolTrekker wouldn't have been possible without the mentorship, guidance and financial donations of the leadership at Monaco.

AM Solar
AM Solar of Eugene, Oregon installed our entire 600-watt solar electric PV system. They are also helping us to retool our battery storage, inverter and PV control system. This family-owned business is wonderful to work with.

Kaya Construction
Greg Martin, Bob Nichols and the crew at Kaya provided a place for us to work on the prototype for several months and donated labor to help build the interior walls and ceilings.

Think Free E, LLC
This is the company responsible for nearly all of the most innovative design and engineering on the prototype, especially regarding the solar water heating system.

Community Transition Program, Portland Public Schools
Beginning April 2009, we partnered with the Community Transition Program to create the Solar Waffle Works, a solar powered waffle cart employing underserved youth in the CTP.

Beginning March 2009, we partnered with Portland-based musical group TapWater to expand our advocacy campaign. TapWater is committed to community activism by rallying their fan base to support local organizations working for a more sustainable culture.

Higuera Hardwoods -- provided bamboo interiors
EasyFlex USA -- provided tubing for solar heat exchanger
SeQuential Biofuels -- high quality, sustainable biodiesel
Bonded Logic -- eco-friendly "blue jean" insulation
Mr. Sun Solar -- discounted solar thermal collectors
Star Oil -- work space and parking -- engine maintenance and veg. oil consult
Eco-John -- provided composting toilet


A non-profit organization dedicated to spreading awareness of sustainability through green building practices, renewable energy and efficient design

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