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We see a world where each and every community is entirely energy independent, self-sufficient and sustainable, where energy is produced and consumed locally. We see a world where humans harness the immense power of the sun in the most efficient and cleanest way possible, doing so with the greatest awareness and respect for other organisms and the ecological balance of the place of harvest. We see people working with nature in symbiosis, mimicking her balance and lack of waste to produce food and energy in a way that is truly cradle to cradle.

We see a world where a long commute is a 20-minute bicycle ride. We see mass transit everywhere and cities with vital centers where many people can live, work and recreate without getting on a freeway. Gardens spring off rooftops and out of every available space, and cities and towns organically meld with forests and farms. All houses and buildings produce some energy using a place-appropriate application of solar electric, solar thermal, wind, water, or biomass power, and most buildings are so efficient that they produce more than they consume. There are concentrated solar power plants in the deserts and plains, wind turbines everywhere, wave generator systems on the coasts and ecologically sound hydro power in select streams and rivers. There is sustainable biofuel production from agricultural, forestry and restaurant waste, sewage, and algae growth facilities that produce food and fuel.

Through all of these things, the electrical grid is entirely powered by clean, renewable energy. Electric and hydrogen powered trolleys, trains and cars quietly whirr past pedestrians and bikers with the occasional antique biofuel-electric hybrid mixed in. Once in awhile, one of those hilarious, old gasoline-burners rumbles through and turns some heads. The only way to see smog is in a book or on a computer.

In this world, there is abundance, stability and peace. Regional cooperatives and organizations are responsible for the majority of energy production instead of global conglomerate companies. Resource wars have become a relic of human history. The people who live in the Middle East are rich with solar power, but are having a tough time selling it for much money because it's hard to ship and everybody else has a lot of it, too.

SolTrekker's slogan is now just, "The Adventure," because there's no reason to advertise a concept that's already being used everywhere.

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